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gerontology certificateMaster of Science in Nursing / MSN Degrees:
An MSN degree is the level of education required by those interested in becoming a Nurse Practitioner or FNP (Family Nurse Practitioner)

In order to become an NP, you must first become an RN. Once you have been licensed as an RN, you may choose to receive the additional training and education required to become an NP.

Programs generally last a minimum of two years and will provide nursing candidates with the education needed to prepare them to diagnose and treat the various illnesses and diseases they will encounter in practice.

Within an MSN program, students can often select an area of specialization.


gerontology certificateDoctorate of Nursing Practice / DNP Degrees
A DNP-FNP provides more coursework than an MSN Degree on leadership and for nurse practitioners who are interested in job roles related to research or executive roles.

Programs generally last a minimum of three years depending on specialty chosen. Also, depending on whether you chose a full time or part time coursework will decide length of time you will need to complete your NP degree.


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