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Study from home and earn your Master's degree in criminal justice. Learn at your own pace. Masters and Doctorate degrees in criminal justice.  Accredited school of criminal justice online. Accredited Criminal Justice degrees online. CJ Degrees Online.

Criminal Justice Degree Online

Criminal Justice Masters Degree

How to choose the right online school? We provide a variety of online degree schools to help you make a more informed decision. To find the school that best suits your present needs, request free information from a few schools and compare programs.

Criminal Justice Schools: See a listing of top rated online universities and schools that offer Master's Degrees in Criminal Justice.

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Criminal Justice Degree Online
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Criminal Justice Masters Degrees

Masters of Science in Criminal Justice
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The Master of Science in Criminal Justice is built on a professional model of relevant, practical knowledge. See a list of programs offered by top rated online schools.

If you currently hold a bachelor's degree and want to advance your criminal justice career with a master’s degree, these programs are for you. An advanced criminal justice background opens high-level career opportunities in law enforcement, security, court systems, education, and training.

Positions you may qualify for include:
• Law enforcement
• Court systems
• Education and training
• Security

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Criminal Justice FAQ

Why Enter the Criminal Justice?
With the growing presence of our homeland security, the need for qualified criminal justice and security professionals is greater than ever. Whether you are currently in law enforcement, corrections, or private security, or looking to enter one of these fields, a criminal justice degree or certificate may make all the difference.

What Is The Criminal Justice Job Market like?
The need for qualified law enforcement and security professionals is growing fast. Many online criminal justice degree programs focus on law enforcement, forensic psychology, crime scene investigation, private security, or another area that interests you.

Why Earn your Criminal Justice Degree From Home?
Distance education by its very nature, allows for greater flexibility. However, many schools set guidelines for completion times based upon their program requirements.

Who May Apply to our online programs? All US states:

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California Iowa Missouri Ohio Vermont
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Delaware Louisiana Nevada Pennsylvania West Virginia
Florida Maine New Hampshire Rhode Island Wisconsin
Georgia Maryland New Jersey South Carolina Wyoming

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Top Rated Criminal Justice Degrees

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Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice
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Criminal Justice
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Criminal Justice
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