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Forensic Nurse Certificate Online

Forensic Nursing Certificate

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About Forensic Nurse Program

Forensic Nursing Certificate

Forensic Nursing Certificate Program
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Conducting crime scene investigations. Giving courtroom testimony. Treating assault victims. These are some of the responsibilities of a forensic nurse. You may find yourself employed in a medical examiner’s office, law enforcement agency, or specialized hospital unit collecting evidence at a crime scene or providing counseling to a victim of a sexual assault.

What Are the Career Opportunities?
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With the Forensic Nursing Certificate, you can pursue a wide array of exciting career opportunities, including positions in medical examiners’ offices, law enforcement agencies, social service agencies, and specialized hospital units. Forensic nurses may work with detectives and treat survivors of assaults or accidents, and victims of abuse or crimes. Join the exciting career of forensic nursing and earn your forensic nursing certificate online.

Forensic Nurse FAQ

What does a Forensic Nurse Do?
Work with law enforcement to collect evidence at crime and accident scenes. Care for survivors of assaults or violent accidents, and victims of negligence, abuse, or violent crimes. Forensic nurses may identify injuries and/or death and their causes, preserve and document the chain of custody, and refer victims for appropriate follow-up care.

What are the Forensic Nurse Role and Responsibilities?
Forensic nurses assist in the scientific investigation and treatment of victims and perpetrators of abuse, violence, criminal activity, sexual assault, and traumatic events. It’s a challenging position. Each day presents opportunities for diverse and invigorating professional experiences in such areas as:
•Domestic violence
•Victim advocacy/crisis intervention
•Sexual assault
•Evidence collection
•Death investigation
•Public health and safety/mass disaster response

What is the Forensic Nurse Career Outlook / Job Diversity?
Forensic nurses can choose to specialize in areas such as sexual assault, domestic violence, child abuse, elder abuse, trauma, or death investigation. On any given day, a forensic nurse may interview crime victims, perform a psychological assessment, or testify in court.


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